Carpet Cleaning Belfast

Carpet Cleaning

With modern cleaning appliances such as a Dyson, households have never been better armed with capable cleaning devices. However, over time the regular treading of dirt and the odd stain that results from a spill can make your carpets look worn, and tired. That’s why our carpet cleaning service is all about giving your carpet a deep clean. This ensures dirt, grime and stains are removed from the very base of the pile and all the way up to the surface of the carpet.


We offer thorough and professional cleaning for your upholstery. Getting your favourite upholstery items cleaned will also extend the life of the fabric so whether its your sofa, chairs, curtains or even car seats, we can bring them back to life..


We are setup to help companies with their deep cleaning needs. A professionally cleaned premise not only helps cater for the welfare and motivation of your employees, but also adds to the appeal and image of your business for your customers and clients..

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